What we do

Our Experience

Our dedicated team comprises highly skilled professionals with years of experience covering a range of skill sets. 

Our Areas of Expertise

Our small and dedicated team comprises highly skilled professionals with years of experience covering a range of skill sets. We specialise in customer experience, design, sales and marketing, eCommerce, training, product management, software development, and mobile app development. We also have expertise in 3D rendering, motion graphics, AR, VR, visualisation, and game development.


Committed to Success

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs and exceed their expectations. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, and we use our expertise to design and deliver customised solutions that drive growth and success.



Training & Support

As part of our customer success process, we supply training and ongoing support for customers – to ensure that you and your team get the most benefits from our solutions. 


Some of the ways we help our customers

Augmented Reality Software

We help your customers conceptualise what your product looks like before buying it — viewed through a tablet, phone, or screen, with a highly accurate real-life display of your products.

This means:

  • A faster end-to-end sales process
  • Accurate representation of your products
  • Empowered sales decisions

Sales Tools

Weaponise your trade reps with a full virtual catalogue everywhere they go with our leading sales and product display tools.

Take your full product showroom to your customers, increase customer engagements by up to 90% and open their eyes to other cross-selling possibilities.

Our technology can incorporate an array of visual and non-visual products. This means that your salespeople can efficiently cross-sell while providing an immersive product experience for your customers, and together, they can make multiple informed product decisions in one sales session.


Trade Show Stands

Now you can digitally transport all your products to trade shows locally and around the world. We can help you to transform your 3×3 trade show stand into a product viewing experience.

Your products can continue to be on display even during a pandemic, and your sales opportunities can continue to flow.

Transform your customers’ shopping experience and give them access to view your products in a virtual world accessed by a mobile app with your branding.


Business Owners

Create seamless sales processes for your staff to engage the customer and close sales.



Show the customer exactly what your product looks like while taking up less time and floor space.



Know what you are buying, how it will look and what it will cost.


Our Process

Actuality, is an innovative technologies company focused on designing visually immersive solutions that create an impact – we are masters in developing web and mobile app augmented reality experiences for the visualisation of products and services. We supply services to customers working in ceramic tile and flooring manufacturing, distribution, reselling – sales and marketing. 


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