An Overview of QuickView Cloud

QuickView Cloud is a powerful cloud-based platform designed to simplify the creation of AR experiences for your customers. With its automated 3D and AR image digitization capabilities, QuickView Cloud offers businesses the ability to quickly publish AR experiences and product data to any QuickView marketing channel, providing a comprehensive digital catalogue and AR marketing system all in one.


QuickView Cloud

Manage Products

Creating products in QuickView Cloud is a streamlined and intuitive process that can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Simply upload a few tile images, and enter some basic product information and let QuickView Cloud do the rest.

Products can also be automatically imported so you can get up and running with minimal setup.

Track Leads

Many of QuickView's published AR experiences give your customers a way to enquire about your products. These leads are automatically delivered to your own QuickView Leads Inbox, allowing you to engage and follow up with these potential customers and close the sales loop.

Customise your experience

QuickView Cloud gives you the tools to customise how your products and brand appear throughout our channels. Our design editor lets you change your overall company branding including logos, imagery, and colour schemes. You can also set social media channels, addresses, and contact information.

See how QuickView Cloud works

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