QuickView Button & Visualiser

Embed QuickView™ into any e-commerce platform in minutes.

Up & running in an instant

The QuickView E-Commerce button is easily installable on any pre-existing e-commerce platform using a simple script. Once installed, our system will automatically connect the products on your website with your QuickView catalog, eliminating the need for continuous maintenance. Additionally, the QuickView E-Commerce button can be personalised to align with your brand and offers all customers access to view your products in Augmented Reality.

Demo the QuickView™ Visualiser

QuickView™ Visualiser allows customers to preview tiles in 3D, view multiple variations together, and easily launch them into augmented reality. The app also previews similar tiles, making it easy for customers to compare and find the perfect match. With QuickView™ Visualiser, customers can confidently visualise how different tiles will look in their space before making a purchase, leading to more satisfying outcomes.

QuickView™ is designed to help you sell