QuickView Apps

QuickView’s mobile apps provide easy access to a wide range of tile and flooring products. Users can log in to access specific brands or skip the login to browse public products.

Introducing QuickViewAR & Lite apps

Mobile applications can be expensive to create, and augmented reality apps are challenging to get the right balance of features and mobile device compatibility. We know because we’ve invested three years in creating a suitable augmented reality mobile app, which now connects to our QuickView™ Cloud. Publishing products to the tap2tile™ mobile app takes less than a few seconds.

QuickView™ tap2tile™ is a multi-tenant mobile app solution – download the app, log in, and select a brand you own, are connected to, or have been invited to access. Alternatively, skip the login and view all ‘publicly’ available tile or flooring products split into brands and product series – view categories of floor and wall, wall-only, outdoor products, and paints.

QuickView Lite

QuickView™ Lite is our customer-led app that provides a tap-to-tile augmented reality experience. The app features a branded catalog and product selection, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code in-app. QuickView™ is designed to work on iPhone 8 and better models and can display variations, sizes, styles, and estimate areas to customers. This app allows customers to interact with products in an immersive way, making the shopping experience more engaging and informative. With QuickView™ Lite, customers can make more informed purchasing decisions and feel more confident in their choices.

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QuickView™ is our salesperson-led app that offers an augmented reality experience through tap-to-tile. To maximize the benefits of this app in showrooms, it is recommended to download it on an iPad Pro, log in and then use your branded app to display variations, sizes, styles to customers. With QuickView™ AR, salespersons can provide an interactive and engaging experience for customers, enhancing their shopping experience and ultimately leading to better sales outcomes.

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