About Actuality

We are a Christchurch, New Zealand-based company specialising in delivering augmented reality (AR) solutions for the tile and flooring industry – our solutions include immersive experiences for customers to engage and refine their product selections. To support the needs of our customers, we have developed a product information and content management system, QuickView™ Cloud, that publishes customers product information to our connected QuickView™ web and mobile app channels.

QuickView™ Cloud is a game changer for our customers seeking an automated technology workflow – easily controlling and updating product information and the style and branding of channels.

Our team is passionate about the solutions we build for our customers. Our expertise has a strong R&D foundation, and we are leaders in AR/VR and 360º experience technologies for web and mobile channels.

Our Team


Mark Bragg

Co-Founder / Governance

Over 25 years of experience in the tile industry. With a strong background in sales and marketing, he brings valuable insights and expertise to the company’s governance, driving its success and growth.

Adam Reece


With a broad network of industry contacts, he brings extensive experience and expertise to lead the company’s sales, marketing, and overall business operations, driving growth and success.

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