Shopify: View in AR with QuickView™

A customer of ours recently asked if we could provide a solution that enabled their products, as managed in the QuickView™ Augmented Reality Marketing System, to also be viewable on their new online Shopify site?

This was an easy issue to solve. Contact us to add QuickView™ augmented reality to your tile or flooring Shopify website today.

The process is simple:

  1. Register for a QuickView™ Account
  2. Create a Company Catalog Account
  3. Upload your products
    – be sure to use the same SKU for your products as it used in your Shopify site
  4. Contact QuickView™ Support, ask for the Shopify: View in AR button script
  5. Paste the script into your product page template and save
  6. Instantly, all the products that you have loaded into QuickView™ Cloud will start to show a View in AR button for your customers to enjoy.

Once your products are uploaded and are being managed by QuickView™ Cloud, the system makes all the URLs and assets required to enable Shopify buttons to link to the right places. We even have a neat algorithm that checks to see what type of device your customers are using and provides them with the ideal AR file so they can view your products on their device.

Give it a try. Click the button to link to an example interactive 3D model, or scan the QR code if you are on mobile. You should be able to view a splash back configuration of several tiles stacked up.