QuickView™ Lite

Introducing our latest augmented reality app – March 2023

Our development team is actively innovating new ways to leverage the product data that our customers have added to their QuickView™ Cloud (CMS & PIM) and our goal is to create improved experiences for engaging their customers.

We know that AR can help customers compare tiles and flooring products by providing a virtual experience, allowing them to see how different products will look in their space before making a purchase.

Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to visualise tiles and flooring options in their own space. Making Augmented Reality technology faster and accessible to more devices is key to driving adoption by home owners, suppliers and manufacturers alike.

Today we’re announcing our latest addition to the QuickView platform family, our consumer oriented app, QuickView Lite. QuickView Lite aims to provide the fastest way for home owners to enjoy our enhanced tap-to-tile experience. QuickView Lite is available on all devices running iOS 15 and newer and can be downloaded from the App Store.

QuickView Lite lets users experience products in Augmented Reality by using our QuickView Smart Samples. Scanning a Smart Sample will launch home owners into a Tap-To-Tile experience, now with object occlusion and support for placing wall tiles.

Currently in beta, we have also introduced App Clip support. This allows consumers to experience our full tap-to-tile experience without even requiring an app download.