Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Custom product visualiser

Our platform enables you to select interior and exterior products from your virtual catalogue, helping you to share your products with your customers – or for your customers to share what they are thinking with pinpoint clarity. Logo

Any Product

Any product that can be attached to a floor, wall or ceiling surface can be included in our AR experience no matter how large or thin, be it paint colours, modular storage systems, curtains or even tents.

Any Environment

Our solution works best inside helping you and your customers to select the right home finishings, however, our technology is improving every day – contact us, we’re up for the challenge!

Any Variation

As soon as your customers are visually engaged with your products, they will love how easy it is to change colours, change handles, add soft-close drawers or any other variation to help your customers to create their dream product specification. Logo

Any Add-on

When you are selling products that need to be installed or have additional add-on product sets, such as adhesives for floor tiles – our platform can be configured to help you measure, calculate, and create a shopping list.

All your 3D files managed for you

Our platform stores, shares, and organises your digital assets in a central location and ensures that your 3D product files will be available on the channels that you need them displayed. 

Sell across our growing network

We are building the future of AR sales – when you have the Actuality platform helping to display your products, you can choose to have your products available to our other AR customers. Think of it as an advertisement showing your products and brands within another suitable AR environment, making the experience more realistic for all. We can make it possible.

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